The ROYAL CANIN Hairball Care in Gravy is formulated to help your cat eliminate ingested hair by stimulating the intestinal transit passage – removing any excess hair that would usually remain in the stomach. Because hairballs occur when hair stays in your cat’s stomach without passing through the digestive tract.


The bulk of the hair travels through the digestive tract with ease, but large amounts of hair can result in hairballs. It also helps to maintain your cat’s ideal weight – with a low-fat content of just 2.7%.


Essential fatty acids are included as well, to help provide valuable energy.


High digestibility is supported through the inclusion of dietary fiber and contributes to balanced gut flora and healthy intestinal tract activity.


Product Features:

  • Hairball control
  • Ideal weight maintenance
  • Healthy digestive system

Royal Canin - Hairball Care in Gravy

SKU: PM-CWF-1020310

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