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PETME offers indoor daycare services that will give your pet lots of freedom, supervised playtime and plenty of socializing. Sending your pet to come and play with us on a regular basis, daily, weekly or even on an ad hoc basis will help maintain/improve their social habits and keep them healthy and fit.

All new dogs will come in for a trial assessment to determine if off-leash play is a good fit for your dog and for us to place them in their appropriate playgroup. We offer 5 different playgroups for dogs; new, small, small medium, large medium and large paw. Each group has a trained supervisor that will monitor, interact and play with the dogs and of course ensure the wellness and safety of each dog. The play groups selection is not only based on the size of the dog but the right playgroup for your dog would also be determined by their play style, age, confidence level, and many other factors that our staff are experts at assessing.  

All our staff members at PETME participate in ongoing and extensive trainings that include but are not limited to; dog body language, off-leash play management, breed characteristics, first aid and health management, and behavior management and enrichment.

Each playground and house has fitted cameras allocated with live feeds to monitor our pets guests’ behavior, ensure their safety and to control the quality of our services. A daily “chill time” allows the dogs to get some rest, have water and some lunch if required and overall recharge for the afternoon.

Pets that are spending the night at the boarding will have an additional evening break and will receive fresh water, treats and comfortable bedding for a restful night’s sleep. 

Our business is about the love of dogs & cats and all our staff members’ focus when caring for pet guests is to make sure they are happy, socialized, fully exercised and most of all loved!


Dogs & Cats Daycare / Boarding

  • Each Pet is like a member of our family and is treated with love and respect. They will get lots of individual attention including plenty of cuddles but lots of games and socializing too.

  • 5 different playgroups to cater for the various dogs’ needs and ensure the right fit for your dog.

  • 3 hours of supervised playtime every day.

  • “Chill time” to give the dog a chance to nap, have some alone time and recharge.

  • Evening break at 9 pm.

  • “Turn down service” at bedtime for pet boarding and each pet has his/her own comfortable bedding.

Image by Erda Estremera

Rates & Enrollment



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