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At PETME we keep the dog training methods and techniques simple and easy to understand. We teach you to communicate with your dog through voice commands and body language. We also cover individual behavioral issues. We offer the following training sessions:

Basic Obedience

Our basic dog obedience class allows you to bond with your dog in a healthy and productive manner. Our dog training classes teach you how to get the attention of your dog through basic obedience commands and he/she will be able to socialize with other dogs and get some delicious treats too!

We will cover basic commands such as sit, down, stay, loose-leash walking, coming when called, and more. Classes are for one hour, once a week and in the evening.


Requirements for all classes:
  • Enrollment information

  • Pet Care agreement

  • Current vaccination record

  • Personality profile sheet

  • Dog treats

  • 6-foot/ 180cm non-retractable leash

  • Collar with municipality tag

Advanced Obedience

This is for dogs that have completed our basic obedience course and you wish for them to move to the next level and learn more advanced commands.

Agility class for fun and confidence

This class covers the basics of agility training, not for competition purposes, but for fun, exercise, reinforcement of basic commands, and overcoming obstacles which builds confidence in shy or skittish dogs. Dogs need to know the basic commands of come, sit, and stay.


Rates & Enrollment




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