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PETME is pleased to offer a full range of dog and cat grooming services in Dubai dedicated to providing your pet with the utmost premium care using only the best quality products. From feeling loved and cared for to preventing health problems, grooming is an all-around great experience for your furry friend. Pet grooming appointments at PETME are available 7 days a week and reservations must be made in advance.

Our state-of-the-art pet spa facility offers a personalized and professional approach to complete pet grooming in Dubai for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. Our facility features low-temperature dryers, specialized washing systems, separate sound-proof grooming area, and a total temperature-controlled environment. We also carry out regular maintenance of our equipment for the safety of our petployees and pet guests. All of this, will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet.

We can attend to all your pet grooming needs, whether it is a trim, styling, skin and coat treatments or just a bath. Breed-specific cuts, shave-downs, sanitary trims, puppy cuts, and all manner of hairstyles are available. The base price for a groom is based on the breed and size of the dog and the final price is determined by the cut and the overall condition of the dog when it arrives.

Our team of pet groomers are well-trained and each has a passion for providing exemplary pet care. They will give your pet the attention, care and affection they need throughout the grooming experience to ensure they are happy and relaxed.

Bathing Services by PETME staff are available daily:

Full Pet Grooming :

  • 200 AED  :  Small dog / Cat

  • 250 AED  :  Medium dog

  • 300 AED  :  Large dog

  • 360 AED  :  Extra Large dog

  • 65 AED    :  Nail clipping

  • 49 AED    :  Ear cleaning

Rates & Enrollment




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